beyond tomorrow

For weeks leading up to my semester exams, I decided to live without my camera. I packed it and hid it away from sight. I have become addicted to the firing sound of my camera shutter, addicted to editing my images until the early hours of the morning that giving up my camera to concentrate on my studies seemed like the best idea. I was wrong. 

I became miserable as every ounce of imagination slowly faded away from my body. Knowing that I could not freeze a little part of my dream into an image slowly butchered my sanity. I found myself crying from an uninspired soul on a public train surrounded by strangers after my first exam and I wasn't ashamed. 

I don't believe I could ever live without my camera by my side. Now that exams are over and I am on a break, I have found the time to imagine again. I am able to wander again, to plan shoots again, to create images again, and most of all, I am able to feel alive again. 

Photography is all that I am; take it away from me and I am a walking corpse. 


These are a collection of photos I took right after my final exam for the semester.