the end of summer

A week before Summer ended, a few close friends and I decided to go fishing to celebrate a friend's birthday. The birthday boy told me were going to one of his most treasured places in the world. Even though we had to leave the house at 5 in the morning to start driving, I was awake and excited as ever.

We spent most of our morning in the darkness on a long highway. There were so many cars driving in the opposite direction heading towards the city that the passing headlights were like a trail of stars, twinkling right next to my window. I should have captured that moment, but I was too scared my friends would judge me for hurling a big camera around and taking pictures of 'useless' things. I'm slowly learning to be more brave so I can take photos of whatever I like without the people around me questioning why.

The sun had started to rise when we arrived at Cape Paterson. It was truly magical as my friend had described it. We walked across the carpet of rocks until we found a suitable spot to fish. I felt really alive sitting down, holding onto a fishing rod with my legs dangling over the cliff. I caught my first fish as well and to add even more excitement, it was the first fish caught on the day.


my friends being eaten alive by the waves


patient hands


the biggest fish we had caught that day

I've always been one full of wanderlust, wanting to travel to different places around the world, but it's places like Cape Paterson that makes me want to explore the hidden wonders of Australia first.