him and I vs. the world

I am in love with a boy whose eyes shine brighter than the stars and whose heart is worth more than gold. He holds me tight whenever we nap together. Sometimes I don't even sleep because I find no reason when my dream is right in front of me and I can't help but gaze and watch him, so full of peace as he dreams.

I am a princess being protected by the castle walls of his arms. I feel warmth and my heart swells because there is nothing I want more than to have his pale arms wrapped around my olive body, snuggling against his chest, listening to the music of his heartbeats and falling in love over and over again.

The love I have for him is the most loveliest, most wonderful, most magical thing I have ever discovered. I hope everybody can experience this kind of love one day in their life because there is nothing more beautiful in this world than love. I am just lucky to have found it at a young age.

I may be just a young girl, but I am a young girl in love with a young boy named Leon and together we will explore the world with our hands holding each other's ever so tightly.

Happy Valentine's to the most handsome person I have ever laid eyes upon. Today will be our 3rd Valentine's together.


waiting at the traffic lights after dinner


cuddles under our blanket fort