two little rabbit boys

I've been wanting my own cosy rabbit hutch for a very long time and now that I've saved up enough money to take full responsibility on a little companion, I decided to do some research to find my lop eared rabbits.

The local pet shop Leon and I go to every week to buy food for his lizard were selling some adorable baby mini lop rabbits in a variety of patterns and colours, which made me want to have a rabbit in my arms even faster. Even though they were an overload of cuteness, I personally would never purchase any pets (besides fish) from a pet shop. I find it cruel how pet shops can keep an animal in a small tank all day with the only purpose being to attract gawkers and impulsive buyers. I was also horrified to discover that the rabbits at the pet shop were only 5 weeks old. The litters were obviously removed from the mother prematurely which is sad and awful because they haven't been fully weaned to establish a healthy immune system if they are being sold under the age of 8 weeks.

With my mum's work, my house isn't the quietest, nor the safest, during the day so for the happiness and well-being of my rabbits, I have to keep it outdoors. It's heart sickening that I don't have a lot of bonding time with them and can't spend any minute of the day watching them grow but the times that I do spend with them are worth the wait.

Leon found this amazingly large hutch online for a fraction of the price in pet shops and we picked it up the very next day and assembled it together under my veranda. It was so beautiful that for the whole week, I'd have dreams about holding my rabbits and watching it play in its little house. I couldn't wait to meet them and have them on my lap.

Fortunately, I found a wonderful registered local breeder called Cassandra who lived a road across from my cousins's. She had platinum blonde hair and very long dark eyelashes, things her little free-spirited daughter didn't carry. She welcomed me into her backyard for me to meet my potential future rabbits and I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. My two little rabbit boys were perfect. They were healthy pure bred UK Miniature lop rabbit brothers with fur ever so soft and had just turned 8 weeks. After playing with them and chatting to Cassandra under her large apple tree, I bought the little rabbits for $100 altogether - lower in price than the underweight rabbits at the pet shops. Cassandra was lovely enough to give me a bag of their pellets and the address of an inexpensive local warehouse that sells plenty of rabbit necessities.

The car ride home was the most frightened I'd ever been. I was so worried about my little boys when I was holding the carrier box ever so tightly as they were breathing heavily, being scared of the bumps in the road and the vibration of the motor. I stroked them and spoke to them softly, reassuring that they were safe in my arms.


The first day

Milo, my broken lilac mini lop

Oreo, my broken black mini lop

My maternal instincts kick in whenever I see them and I am so protective of them. The first few nights I couldn't sleep properly. Having the rabbits sleep outside in their hutch worried me to death. The Summer days only add more to my worries because I'm terribly afraid that my rabbits might fall into a heat stroke. But worries aside, I love them whole-heartedly. I love how they express happiness through their dances and how they stand up on their hind legs to scope. I love how they sleep, how they lick themselves, how they stretch and yawn. I love how such a small little creature can have so much life inside them.


I love my two little rabbit boys ever so much.