old macdonald

The blood that runs through my veins and feeds my heart is filled with a love for all things nature made. Sharing this same love with the light of my world fills me with happiness for the thought of future explorations excites me.

Fancy candlelit dinners in glistening restaurants doesn't excite us as much as having our feet carry us and seeing the world.

My lover took me to a farm not so far away from our home. We dream of having our own home one day filled with animals of all sorts. He wants a floor to ceiling birdcage inside the house while I just want a hutch filled with rabbits and guinea pigs. A few cats wouldn't hurt either.


we walked hand in hand feeding animals


the donkey showed me his large teeth afterwards


a baby goat


the rabbit and I


my love and a baby goat


two kangaroos nuzzling each other


a baby joey