Even though my life and everything around me was flowing nicely, my mind had switched and I fell into a deep, dark hole; a hole so full of detached, meaningless, unfulfilled life. I didn't want to live, but I didn't want to kill myself, and so sleep became my favourite thing to do and waking up was my least favourite. Life became uninspiring and I stopped creating images. I would force myself to take photos for keepsake but that love and passion just wasn't there anymore. Nothing was there. I was just living loops as an empty vessel.

I called myself unsuccessful and a failure because I had thought that success was measured by the amount of money I made, and boy was I struggling. I ended up crying myself to sleep on the night of my birthday. My first day as a 22 year old was spent at the doctors with needles in my arm and a piece of paper with the words 'Mental Illness Treatment Plan' sprawled on the top in bold. I was prescribed medication and given therapy but I took none of that. 

But then I realised that the more I answered truthfully to people's 'How are you?' and 'How have you been?' questions, the more I discovered that I was not alone. I found comfort knowing that there were others I could relate to - home and across the world. I realised that my feelings mattered, and that it's perfectly fine to feel like shit. I learned to love myself again; I learned to feel again. I'm glad I started talking to people about my feelings.

2014 has not been my year in terms of self-happiness, self-improvement or self-love. But I've learnt a lot and although that dark hole is difficult to climb out of at the moment, I can see that speck of light at the top and I know that there if a life full of colour in 2015.

This has been my year:


Test shoot with Georgia @ AZALEA



1. Lydia @ Wink Models // 2. Rikie @ Scene for Marshè Collection // 3. Stephanie Steer // 4. Zhoe @ que models. Published on the cover of The Australia Times Fashion Magazine as well as Vogue Italia PhotoVogue.



1. Rokshana for Elegant Magazine // 2. Stephanie Iles @ Chadwick published in WOVE Magazine


1. Sarah M @ Brazen published in Yume Magazine // 2. Marian Wolfe published in Estela Magazine // 3. My amazing friend Delilah De La Rue for Skorch Magazine


Beauty shoot with Emily in my backyard


1. First time shooting in a studio with Marian for Jute Magazine // 2. Chilling with Aurelia and her cat Goji // 2. Brooke and Riaz @ Pride for iMute Magazine // 3. Travelling to Seoul, South Korea // 4. Laura in Bukchon Hanok Village


1. Travelling to Japan // 2. Laura in Shinjuku, Tokyo (blog posts coming soon!)


I was invited to photograph the Stage Label event as part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. It was held in a penthouse on the 10th level overlooking Melbourne city. The night was spent shooting and eating pizza on the floor in a hotel room crowded with models.


I became a finalist in pedestrian.tv's Blogster Awards and was invited to Sydney to attend the awards ceremony. My friends all chipped in to buy my plane ticket as a birthday present and I spent the weekend with my love exploring the city. The ceremony was held in a large studio, with a free flow of alcohol and food. There were people from different areas of the industry and I got too overwhelmed to socialise that I stood in the corner of the room with my boyfriend until it was time to call it a night.

Georgia @ Wink Models with designs by Elizabeth Barclay


I was invited by the editor of The Australia Times Fashion Magazine to accompany her to the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnivals to take pictures of celebrities and bloggers in their attires. It was an amazing experience


Juliette @ Vicious. She lit that fire inside of me and now I feel inspired to create again.

Looking back on the year that's been, I've finally realised that I've achieved some amazing things and I'm glad that I can end the year with word 'failure' out of my mind. I can't thank you enough for all the love, comment and support that has come my way. I am grateful for all the goodness and love that has been given to me and I wish everyone an amazing new year ahead. Here's to a new year of health and happiness.


It's the morning of my mother's birthday and my brother and I are squatting on the side footpath arranging candles and decorations on the cheesecake we just bought. We sing happy birthday as we carry it inside, my mother smiling with disbelief. She says it is only right if we eat the cake after dinner so she puts it in the fridge after blowing out the candles and I tell her I'm just going to visit a friend for a bit and I hop out.

2 hours later I am sitting on the road, looking at my grazed palms while blood drips from my face down my shirt. There are some hard rocks in my mouth and I spit them out, not knowing that they are actually my teeth. My arms sting and my face feels like a burning sensation. My friend has gone to rescue the bike I fell off at while I sit there and stare at my grazed palms.

The past 30 seconds happened so fast I am trying to comprehend how I got to this position. I remember rolling down the road. The skies, the trees, the ground, the skies, the trees, the ground. Two women come over to me and one tells me to show her my face.

'You'll probably need stitches for your chin'

'Are you a doctor?'

She tells me to walk over to the clinic. I am given ice packs for my face, my arms, my leg and told to lie on a medical bed while they google search my GP from the few words I tell them. The walls are covered with posters of the muscular system and it dawned on me that I was at a physiotherapy. They aren't going to help me. I don't think they've ever seen blood before.

It's the day after the accident and I am in the waiting room at the radiology clinic listening to the two ladies sitting opposite me chatter in Vietnamese.

'What do you think she was in?'

'Car accident I think'

'No looks like a cycling accident'

'How on Earth does someone get that badly injured from riding a bike?'

I have 12 stitches on my chin, 2 stitches on the corner of my lip (which I call 'The Half-Joker scar'), a hairline fracture in my jaw, 4 broken upper front teeth, deep grazes down my arms, on my wrists, cuts to all 10 fingers and bruises all across my thighs which turned funky colours and patterns over the next few weeks.

How on Earth does someone get that badly injured from riding a bike?

My hands and my mouth won't let me feed myself so I am put on liquids. I can't do anything at all so my mother bathes me and dresses me and tucks me into bed. Even though my tears sting the grazes on my cheeks, I cry myself to sleep every night until the night the dentist gave me temporary fillings and I had something that looked like teeth again.

My friends come to visit me in a heartbeat and they gift me a fridge full of soup and milk and yoghurt and jelly and I've never been so thankful for all the love and kind wishes that have come my way.

Every day I get excited over the little things that I am able to do that I couldn't the day before. By the first week I can roll over to one side in bed, I can hold a spoon and I can wipe myself after using the toilet. By the second week I can bathe and dress myself and brush my teeth with my Wiggles toothbrush made for babies.

It's the morning of the last day of 2013, a little over a month since the accident and I am at the dentist again. This time, I am not covered in bandages nor am I crying and holding the dentist assistant's hand. This time, I am ecstatic and smiling as the dentist reshapes my teeth. I may not have a canine anymore but I do have 4 new individual front teeth. For breakfast, I am eating my mother's birthday cake she has kept in the freezer ever since for the day I am well enough to have it with the family. I could not end the year on a higher note.

As the new year comes crawling, I think about how lucky I am. How lucky am I to live in a country where help is so readily available? To have a doctor, a dentist, a radiologist. To have family and friends that care for me even if it is just a comment wishing me health. To have love, from people I know and strangers near and far.

I wish you all a lovely 2014 full of health, happiness and love. Thank you for all your kindness and happy new year friendliest friends.